Win £5000 With 5 Words

Entry Terms: Free
This Competition Has Ended

Absolute Radio & Wicks are giving away £5000

The Competition is a word association game that will be taking place during the Absolute Radio breakfast show over a number of rounds between the dates of 9th September 2019 and 31st May 2020.

Over the Competition Period, Absolute Radio and Wickes will give away a number of Prizes (one per round), which will total £30,000.00. The specific prize amount for each round will be announced before the round begins.

At one or multiple times during a Competition day, one member of the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show presenting team will play the word association game (the “Game”) with a contestant while another presenter hosts the Game (the “Host”). The contestant will be chosen at random after phone lines have been closed (the presenter hosting the Game will make it clear when this is due to happen).

At the start of the Game, the presenter whom the contestant will be playing against will put on a pair of headphones so as to block out the conversation between the Host and the contestant.

The contestant will be asked by the Host to give a one-word response to each of five words which are put to them by the Host. After the contestant has given their responses, the member of the Absolute radio presenting team who was wearing the headphones to block out the conversation between the Host and the contestant will remove the headphones and the Host will ask them to respond to the same five random words in the Game. If the presenter playing the Game states the same five words in response to the five words put to the contestant, then the contestant will win the Prize (as defined in these terms) for that round.

If one or more words as between the presenter’s answers and the contestant’s answers do not match, the contestant will win nothing.

All of the words for the word association Game will be chosen by a member of the Absolute Radio production team, with in-play team members having no prior knowledge of the words chosen. The presenter playing the Game will have no knowledge of these words, and will be provided with headphones during the Game to eliminate any chance of them hearing the contestant’s answers or the on-air output.