Win one of 30 pairs of free return flights with Wizz Air

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Want to start discovering Europe? And we’re not just talking those cities that everybody knows and loves – though you can totally head to those if you like. The great thing about Wizz Air is that they fly regularly to incredible locations that are perfect for the more adventurous traveller.

That means places like Varna on the beautiful Bulgarian cost. Or Lithuania’s party-central capital Vilnius. Or the criminally neglected Bari in Puglia, the heel of the Italian boot. Yep, with 55 destinations, not only do these guys cover the big-hitters, they can also take you to places that seriously deserve to be discovered, too. Plus they’re super affordable, which makes broadening your horizons even easier.

But we want to make it as simple as it can possibly be, by giving away 30 pairs of free return flights to three of our favourite Wizz Air destinations: Varna, Lisbon and Budapest. All you need to do? Hit the link above, answer a very simple question on the Time Out website, and cross those fingers. It’s as easy as that.